Why use a Coach?

Oprah, Robert Downey Jr, Nianell, Nelson Mandela and Bill Gates are but a few admirable people who have used the services of a Life Coach, imagine what it could do for you?


What is a Coach?

In most cases with older practises of coaching, the “Consultant” contributes about 75% of the action plan. Life Coaching is the converse of this with the client contributing 75% of the action plan. This is far more effective as Life Coaches bring about a more holistic and solutions based approach to business and life alike. Life Coaches need not be experts in a particular field in order to be effective in bringing about positive and lasting results. A Life Coach's main focus should be to empower the client and use their commitment to effect changes necessary for success in their personal lives, business lives, spiritual lives and everything in-between.



Our team consists of highly skilled and certified coaches.