Welcome to the world of realisations!

We are dedicated to providing Business and Life Coaching Services.

Our goal is to guide you through the journey of discovery and growth, create sustainable change,

and equip you with the tools for continuous improvement.


Although our solutions are tailor-made to suit your requirements, below are a few of the many topics covered:


Business Coaching:

Create your strategy

Manage your strategy

Build your team

Business structure

Business processes

Manage through measurements

Reducing wastage

Increase profit margins

Increase productivity

Introduce roles and KPIs

Improve efficiencies

Grow your employees

Effective management

Business culture and values



Life Coaching:

Goals – the building blocks of success

Resources and Milestones – essential stepping stones to your goals

Motivation – how your beliefs move you closer to success

Beliefs – breaking down negative beliefs and rebuilding the positive

Values – adopting a value structure for ultimate success

Rules - uncover your hidden rules and always feel good

Six Human Needs – which ones do you need met?

Projection - all communication is projection

Responsibility – the foundation for freedom

Questions – the answer to everything

Long Term Goals – what would you really love to do?

Purpose – true meaning in life

Celebration time!


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We are looking forward to walking the journey with you!